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We offer a variety of interior plantscaping and maintenance services in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas that will enhance any commercial or residential space.

Why Choose Laganini for All Your Plant Needs?

All services include an initial virtual consultation followed by an onsite walkthrough of the space. We assess environmental variables including light availability, temperature variation and air quality. We then work together to build a customized design plan until you are ready to move forward. When the components of your design arrive, we will happily install the design for you. However, we also give you an opportunity to personally install it to minimize the cost of the project. Ultimately, our goal is to match the right plants to your needs and bring nature into your space.

In addition, we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly in-person maintenance services to ensure your plants live a happy life. We also offer virtual and in-person check-up services to help you take care of those plants that might not be doing so great.

Lastly, we offer couple of different plant sitting options to keep your plants happy and alive while you are away.

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