Meet the Founder


Filipa Oreskovic 


Filipa is a true nature lover. Born and raised in Croatia, she spent her early childhood living near the mountains and in close proximity to her grandfather's bee farm. Although she later relocated to the capital, Zagreb, and is now happily settled in Southern California, it’s clear that no matter her location, she will always feel at home in the peace and tranquility nature provides.

Amidst the 2020 pandemic, Filipa took a big step forward earning a Bachelor's degree in sports psychology. This experience had a profound impact on her worldview and cultivated her interest in helping others find ways to create healthier environments for themselves.  As a former athlete herself, a student, and now an entrepreneur, she understands the importance of maintaining balance in order to reach your maximum potential.

Prior to the pandemic, she spent most weekends in the mountains or on the beach to let her mind refocus. However, the challenges of the pandemic turned her attention towards something that everyone can access: plants and gardening.  For most of us, the pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health and well-being; Filipa found her peace by connecting with her plants. 

As she continues to better understand how plants helped her withstand the pandemic, Filipa has turned her sights to making these benefits more accessible to the community. Plants gave her a unique way of dealing with anything life threw at her and it is her sincere hope that you will find the same peace and tranquility in your new plants that she has in hers

The Narrows at Zion National Park
In Silverado Canyon
The Watchman in Zion
Angels Landing in Zion
Cold dip in a Mountain Lake under Forester Pass in Easter Sierras
Going over Forester Pass during our JMT thru-hike
Purple Lake in Eastern Sierras.
Camping at Palisades Lakes
Feeling once you go over a mountain pass. Seldom Pass, Eastern Sierras
Over Bryce Canyon
At San Diego Botanical Gardens