Our Mission

We enrich your self-connection by providing simple opportunities to reconnect with nature and nourish both your mind and body.

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About Us

Laganini Co. is founded on the idea that nature provides social, emotional, and health benefits that everyone should enjoy. All too often, busy schedules prevent us from disconnecting from our lives to find comfort in the nature around us. At Laganini Co., we provide our customers with simple ways to bring nature indoors and let its regenerative power get to work.

Furthermore, as advocates for improving mental health, we are deeply aware of the various medical and psychological studies that point out the ways plants benefit our sense of well-being. Through various avenues such as our  “Budding Science” blog, we will provide a clear picture of the established science surrounding this.


​Lastly, we use certain terminology to clarify our mission. The most common terms along with the definitions we use to describe them are outlined below:

  • Nourishment: at its root, nourishing our body, mind and soul comes from the positive interaction with our surroundings. The healthier the environment around us, the healthier the spirit within us.



  • Connection: some cultures believe plants are sacred because of the spirits that reside within them. Science is beginning to touch upon the impacts that plants have on our health. Like us, plants are living, breathing beings. By connecting with their nature, we build a better understanding of ourselves. 


  • Well-being: nourishment and connection provide the foundation to well-being. By creating a natural environment, plants can make us feel relaxed, less stressed and more at home.

Meditating on Bed
Relaxing at Home

Nourish your spirit by bringing a piece of Laganini home with you.



Laganini is a Croatian word that is often used as slang to mean “take it easy”.

However, its value to Croatian culture extends far beyond this simple meaning. Laganini is a state of mind. It symbolizes our need to fully experience the present moment and take our lives one step at a time. When we do this, we appreciate each moment life brings and give our full attention to the little things that matter most.


We, at Laganini are here to support you as you “take it easy”. Our plants provide a tranquil environment for your space that will help you stay grounded in the present moment. "Bring a piece of Laganini home with you” and start enjoying those benefits today!

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